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Nishtasha Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. (NDMPL) a.k.a FASHTAGZ is a Digital Agency specializing in effective Brand Solutions to the Fashion Industry. being a 2015 agency notwithstanding, we have renowned Brands like Charles & Keith, Speedo, Aldo, etc to boast about.

The company was founded by Ms. Natasha Saraogi who established this company after her long and hugely successful foray in the Event industry. With plethora of knowledge about events, and an enviable fashion sense she set out to help Brands achieve their campaign objectives seamlessly and effectively.

Other experienced members from Fashion, Public Relations and Technology partners her in achieving every single goal of each project that the agency undertakes. Nishtasha Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. Is not only a trusted Digital agency for Fashion Brand Solutions, but is also well-networked with Fashion Bloggers, Influencers and Public Relations experts.

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Social media management

Website and App development

Web Design:

We design world-class, unique web assets for your unique brand. We develop these designs into responsive websites to match the needs of the ever-changing web.

Web Development:

We specialise in building custom applications for SMEs and Enterprises. We develop designs and build complex, data-driven applications. Our services comprise of a full array of customised web applications, from E-commerce Portals, Content Management Systems, Business Process Automation to Social Media Apps, Mobile Apps and much more.

Digital campaigns

We specialize in creating successful digital campaigns for businesses. Within our company, we have a team of excellent designers, conceptualizers, and specialists in marketing and advertising who can provide you with the best promotional ideas for marketing your business, suggest effective promotion methods and manage the digital campaign for your brand.

Below steps form an integral part of each advertising campaign that we develop and manage:

  • Market research and study of competitors
  • Identification of targeted audience
  • Brainstorming for creative advertising ideas
  • Production and development
  • Launching and managing the digital campaign

Influencer marketing

We take pride in furnishing the best bloggers for businesses of different nature. Our well-connected team not only on-boards the right blogging talent, but also excites them for carrying out the activity with fervor. You can learn more about it on FASHTAGZ SOCIAL

Celebrity associations

Our well-connected team can help you source the right bigwigs to support or endorse your campaign. Ever celebrity that comes on-board is suggested considering the brand image and the purpose of the campaign. Once the association is locked, we ensure to exploit the reach and fanbase of the celeb.

Image consulting and Public relations

We consider each branding exercise as the beginning of a new journey.

Be assured, your brand exercise will make the right impact in the digital world when we are on-board with you. Not only the right platform and vehicle, we get down to carefully selecting the words that describe your activity. Your message shall reach your desired audience, in the way you want it to.


From an instant innovator to a well-networked go-getter, from a numbers hypnotiser to a wordsmith; we are as diverse and compatible with each other as it can get. And there is room for many more. If you are looking for an atmosphere where your individuality stands out and your creativity flourishes, please send us your CVs and a small cover note to info@ndmpl.com.


Speedo enjoys the privilege of a niche lifestyle-cum-sports brand in the Indian market. Such a great positioning also comes with a thin line of judicious marketing and promotions. When we set out for out ‘make1kwet’ campaign, we wanted a partner who can walk this rope in a balanced manner. We found that partner in NDMPL. They understood our brand and its positioning to the T, needless to say they did their homework well before they came to the table and sat across us. The campaign was a great success in all aspects, right from the ideation, to associations to executions; thanks to their creativity in ideas and maturity in management.

- Deepak Parakh
Senior Manager Marketing, Page Industries ( Speedo)

Fashtagz Social

A unique platform where influencers connect, interact and explore newer opportunities. A must for every Brand manager and Bloggers to achieve maximum value with minimum efforts! This platform is personally curated by the Founder/Director of NDMPL.

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Under this yet another unique and interesting initiative by the company, we felicitate the best talents in different respects viz, Best Blogger of the year, Most fashionable RJ, Most inspiring designer, etc.

  • Blogger - Urmi Daga

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  • RJ Ruchi

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  • Actor -Sonakshi Sinha

    Social Link:

  • Hair Stylist - Sapna Bhavnani

    Social Link:

  • Blogger - Santoshi Shetty

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  • Blogger - Riya Jain

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  • Fashion Designer - Sandeep Khosla

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